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Forgotten Fairground update.

A while ago i discussed the Forgotten Fairground project, a fantastic venture featuring modern jazz music and contemporary dance culminating in a film which was launched at the British Film Institute back in January 2019. Since the well-received launch, Matt Gough has been busy working on another significant project under The Forgotten Fairground franchise.

Thanks to a collaboration with two greats of the music industry and household names in their field, the British Film Institute hosted another launch on 11th November. This time “Inner island – The leeward side/Hushabye Mountain” and “The Man with the Umbrella” which included performances from Bonnie Herman of Singers Unlimited fame, and Marvin Stamm, who is widely regarded as one of the greats of contemporary jazz, were unveiled to an appreciative audience.

Bonnie Herman – Inner Island/Hushabye Mountain

Bonnie Herman is a highly experienced singer and is best known as the soprano lead to the a capella group “Singers Unlimited”. She is the niece of band leader Woody Herman and has also issued several solo singles and EPs and sung with some of the greatest jazz performers. “Hushabye Mountain”, which has been arranged by Matt’s brother Chris, a distinguished horn player in his own right, suits the soft tones of Herman and is a real treat.

Marvin Stamm – The Man with The Umbrella

Marvin Stamm is a profilic trumpeter and has played with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Stan Kenton’s mellophone orchestra, Woody Herman and Benny Goodman. As a studio musician he has worked with many other big names including Paul McCartney and Franky Valli. He brings a huge amount of experience to the Forgotten Fairground and his style is ideally suited to the music of Matt Gough.

Collaboration and the film

This collaboration is not a film in the sense that the original Forgotten Fairground was. The traditional story telling has been replaced by an interesting series of artwork by Larry Bush, which provides an innovative and distinctive way of illustrating the mood of the music.

Directed by Matt Gough and produced by Andy Bush, these two new pieces are welcome additions to the Forgotten Fairground and, because of the quality of the music and performers, is well worth more than one listen. HD digital recordings are available now and if vinyl is your thing they will be available in 2023.

Matt is also keen to bring the Forgotten Fairground to wider audiences so keep an eye on their website for information about future developments.

Preorder vinyl copies and also digital copies via this link

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